Grand Island Furnace Installation

When shopping around for a new heating system, homeowners go to great lengths to research the equipment. They look into the equipment's energy efficiency ratings and advanced features when differentiating one system from the other. They also analyze how soon the new system will pay for itself. While all of this is great, most people tend to overlook is the technician who is going to do the installation.

Some of the problems that can be caused by improper furnace installation are:

Grand Island, NY Furnace InstallationLack of furnace efficiency

The efficiency ratings indicated on your unit are dependent on how well the unit is installed. Rather than saving some money on utility bills, you may end up spending money on components such as thermostats or system repairs.

Poor performance

Mistakes during furnace installation could end up defeating the purpose for which the equipment was bought. This is because it may lead to uneven heating or cooling of the home as well as inconsistent humidity levels. These factors lead to an uncomfortable interior.

It shortens the unit's lifespan

The design of furnace ductwork is far from one-size-fits-all. All components, as well as the unit's settings, need to be placed correctly for the unit to function as it should. Improper furnace installation causes stress on its components to the point of breaking down. This could eventually cause the whole system to fail before its intended lifespan.

Excessive noise

Improper installation could cause parts and components to grind against each other leading to excessive noise.

You can avoid the mentioned problems by choosing the right contractor. At Sure-Temp Heating & Cooling, we will take the time to assess your home so that we can advise you on what furnace size will suit your needs. We also provide our clients with written, itemized, and obligation-free estimates.

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