Lewiston, NY Furnace Repair

Your home's heating unit needs regular maintenance and attention to perform optimally for longer. Although homeowners are aware of the unit's maintenance needs, most of them tend to overlook timely checkups, which often leads to costly furnace repair.

Apart from keeping your unit in peak condition and ensuring that it operates efficiently, furnace repair and maintenance has the following advantages:

Lewiston, NY Furnace RepairIssues such as gas leaks are detected earlier on

With a furnace, there's always the possibility of a gas leak. One of the tell-tale signs of a furnace gas leak is the faint smell of sulfur or rotten eggs. Most people fail to realize that gas leaks can happen even when the unit is off. Regular checkups and maintenance ensure that there is efficient combustion, thus ensuring your family are not exposed to carbon monoxide poisoning. During the process, the technician will also look out for holes or cracks in the gas line.

It reduces your unit's energy consumption

A heating system is responsible for almost half of an average home's energy usage. While the inevitable wear and tear on your furnace cause it to lose its efficiency, lack of proper maintenance is the main cause. During the repair process, the technician will replace the filters as well as make any repairs on the ductwork to ensure that the unit is as energy-efficient as possible. You can also replace the filters on your own once every one or two months.

It keeps the manufacturer's warranty in effect

In most cases, neglecting to maintain your furnace voids the manufacturer's warranty. This means that the manufacturer will not repair it even though the warranty period has not expired. Ensuring regular furnace and heating repairs also extends your unit's lifespan.


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